• i believe every baby is uniquely beautiful
  • i believe that a parent's love is magical'
  • i create art for parent's who treasure their baby
  • i believe in providing perfection

meet luke.

Luke was such a cutie that I was excited for him to return to the studio for his Mommy & Me session.  I loved his hair, and I can’t wait to see low long it is at his six month session!


meet ethan.

Baby Ethan was a dream to photograph! He just liked to be wrapped up snug :)  I cannot wait to see how big he will be at his six month session!


brenda & luke

sigh… I just love mom and baby images.  The feeling that a parent feels for her child, that thing we call love but it is so much bigger than the small four letter word… I have never found a way to express that massive feeling in words, but I swear that I can see it, feel it, and smell it in mommy + baby images.

newborn baby with mom

mommy and baby

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