About You…

You want the best for your baby.
Heck, you even like to spoil your baby.  (I don’t call it spoiling — just loving!)
You spent hours planning the perfect nursery for your little one.  And you’re smart.
Smart like, you’re already dreaming up an amazing one-year birthday party that’s going to be incredible.
Smart like, you hire me to capture your little one’s earliest days on earth.

About Me…

newborn photographer


My name is Kelli and when my daughter, Bella, was born she started crying nonstop!  It was so sad, I wanted to cry with her!  But once we figured out the problem (allergies) and the crying finally stopped…I became obsessed with capturing the smiles.  I started documenting every happy moment, every inch of growth, every stage along the way and fell in love with parenthood and photography at the same time.  I love slowing down time during those early years of babyhood and childhood so you can revel in the sweetness :)

If you’d like to chat, give me a call { 225-341-1550 } or shoot me an email { kelli@photo-bella.com }.  Or you can fill out this form here and I’ll get in touch with you.

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