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Newborn photography is my absolute favorite :) The sweet pouty lips, the tiny toes- there is so much to love about newborns. But it doesn’t last long, capture this fleeting stage of your newborn with a newborn photography session with PhotoBella Photography.

My Apology

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This past month I have been a horrible business owner and photographer.  I have sucked, royally.  I messed up orders, I returned galleries late, I missed calls and never even called back.  I forgot about sessions that were on the calendar.  Any and every way that I could have mucked it up, I did a real fine job of mucking.

And I hate this because I love, love, love my clients.  I hate to think that my clients for a second don’t feel properly cared for.  As a business owner I should do things on time, I should order the right products, I should make every scheduled appointment.  You deserve all of this and more.

The thing is….  I’m sorry for my mistakes and I’m sorry they caused inconveniences and extra pain in your life that you didn’t need…. But, I also have to tell you that I don’t regret it.

Why?  Because instead of editing sessions like I should have, I was hugging my daughter and dispelling her darkest fears.  Instead of answering emails at night I was staying up reading book after book about how to help my daughter.  Instead of ordering your beautiful canvas I was running around town going from one place to another trying to keep my daughter’s life as normal and unaffected as possible.


You see, my daughter and I went through a very tough time toward the end of November.  I like to be a private and reserved person, so I won’t share the made-for-TV-worthy-drama.  I’ll simply say that we are now living alone and we are healing as best we can from years of pain.  We are starting a new life filled with freedom, adventure, and infinite possibilities!  It’s very exciting and very scary at the same time.

So please accept my deepest apologies if I messed up your order/session/timeline.  I am looking forward to a new year filled with great things and wonderful people.  I am also committing to improving my customer service and learning from these recent mishaps.  If you will have me, I would love to continue to photograph your family and I am offering a “New Year, New Leaf” deal… During the months of January and February I would be happy to photograph your child or family (free of charge) as my way of saying “I’m sorry” and also as I hone the gears in my new customer service process.

The catch is that I am only offering this to previous clients and to anyone referred directly from a previous client.  If you have been a client of mine with a full session anytime in the past (not mini session) then you are entitled to this free session.  You can also refer friends for their own free session.  Any friend that mentions your name during booking will receive the deal.

This will be good for sessions booked during the week (sorry no weekends) for January and February.  You will receive one 11×14 print that you select at your ordering session.  Any digital images, canvases, albums, etc that you would like to purchase will be additional, but there is also no obligation to purchase.  This only applies to new bookings, sessions already booked in the past not included.

meet stella

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I am so honored to introduce baby Stella.  I have had the pleasure of photographing her big brother and sister before, and now it’s baby Stella’s time to shine :)

newborn baby in basket

meet luke.

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Luke was such a cutie that I was excited for him to return to the studio for his Mommy & Me session.  I loved his hair, and I can’t wait to see low long it is at his six month session!


meet ethan.

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Baby Ethan was a dream to photograph! He just liked to be wrapped up snug :)  I cannot wait to see how big he will be at his six month session!


brenda & luke

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sigh… I just love mom and baby images.  The feeling that a parent feels for her child, that thing we call love but it is so much bigger than the small four letter word… I have never found a way to express that massive feeling in words, but I swear that I can see it, feel it, and smell it in mommy + baby images.

newborn baby with mom

mommy and baby

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