My Favorite Things

I like to share with you a few of my favorite things…These are the products that have made my life easier, made my baby happy, and saved my sanity.

a few of my favorite things…

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amazon mom

I love Amazon Mom. When you sign up for amazon mom and  you get discounts on baby products, PLUS a free year of amazon prime.  With amazon prime you get free 2-day shipping on all orders and can upgrade to overnight shipping for $3.99.  I have LOVED amazon prime.  I love not paying for shipping, and I love getting my stuff faster.  But the best part of amazon mom is the diapers.  It is the cheapest and most convenient way to buy diapers.

Here is how it works:

Huggies Little Movers Diapers(128 count) are $38.99 regular price on amazon.  That is about the price I’d pay at Sams Club for the same number of diapers.  But with Amazon Mom I get 15% off making it $33.14.  Already I can’t beat that price.  But it gets better.  If I sign up with subscribe and save, I can get diapers delivered automatically to my door every month.  I figured that Bella goes through on average 8 diapers/day.  128 diapers divided by 8 diapers per day is 16 days worth of diapers in one box.  So I get 2 boxes delivered every month, that is 32 days worth of diapers.  With subscribe and save it’s not just the convenience that is a perk, but I also get an additional 15% off.  So now it’s a total of 30% off the original $38.99, totaling $27.29.  If i use a coupon, like the one that has been in recent Parenting magazines, I can get that price EVEN lower.

I also do this with wipes.  I get Pampers Sensitive Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4) delivered every 6 months for $18.37.  I love that I never have to think about it.  I don’t have to worry, “Do we need to buy wipes” or “Do we need to buy diapers”.

When Bella was primarily eating baby food I also did this with baby food.  We would get Sprout Organic Baby Food, Roasted Butternut Squash (Pack of 12) delivered every month.

another favorite thing…

bella with her wheely bug

Wheely Bug – the toy that saved my back.  When Bella was just learning to walk she thought she was so big and wanted to walk everywhere!  Crawling was for babies, and she thought she was not a baby!  So we constantly had to help her walk everywhere.  And hunching over full time was not nice on my back.  Then came the wheely bug!  She would use it as a walker to go wherever she wanted to go.  She could basically run with this thing!  Now that she is older, she is sitting on it and using it as a riding toy.  It’s been one of the best toys she has.  It’s made really well and has held up amazingly.  And the wheels on that thing are awesome!  I don’t know why all wheels in the world (on shopping carts, on office chairs, etc) aren’t wheely bug wheels!  They are so smooth, and never get stuck, and go in every direction, and turn on a dime…did I tell you I love those wheels??

What are soem of your favorite things?

a few of my favorite things…

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modern memory book found on etsy

  • Modern Memory Books for pregnancy, baby’s first year, and beyond!  I searched and searched for a good baby book before Bella was born.  I bought a small one that was well designed, but after she was born I realized that I need SO much more room to hold all the little things I was accumulating.  So I found this one on Etsy and it is PERFECT for me.  The design is great.  I love the way it’s not overly baby-ish or girly.  That was my problem with most of the other ones.  I wanted something classic that would still look great 20 years from now.

a few of my favorite things - mr brown can moo dr. seuss book.

  • Mr. Brown Can Moo Bella’s favorite book since she was a baby.  I have this entire one memorized.  Her face just lights up as soon as I start reading it, and I love seeing that!  Today we went to the library and when she found their edition of good ole Mr. Brown she hugged it :)

a few of my favorite things - sprout organic baby food: roasted apples.

  • Sprout Baby Food We are just now saying goodbye to baby food.  But for a long time, this was the only stuff Bella would eat.  She survived on Sprout Roasted Butternut Squash almost exclusively for a while there!  Bella always preferred this stuff over any of the other baby food brands out there.  Plus, if you order them through Amazon Mom and do subscribe & save, you can get them for equal or lower price than the run-of-the-mill baby foods.


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