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The importance of a Professional

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I’m sure you’ve heard it before…you get what you pay for…hire a professional.  I know I’ve heard it a million times.

For years I did my own taxes.  I stressed and I calculated and re-calculated.  I thought I was saving myself money by putting myself through paper-work misery and mathematical torture.  One year I finally decided to hire a CPA, and it was the best decision ever!  It only cost me $250 and I saved myself much more than that in taxes AND headache.

A few weeks ago my family and I went on vacation to Disney world.  We had a blast!  But it ended up raining A LOT during our trip.  At first I was scared to bring my professional camera with me in the rain because I didn’t want to compromise my equipment.  So the first day of rain I thought that I would rely on the Disney PhotoPass “Photographers” and my cell phone.  When I logged on to look at the photos, I was honestly shocked because I think my three year old takes better pictures!  :)

Sometimes people think that all it takes is a professional camera to take professional photos, and I think that is a sad misconception.  The CEO of Yahoo publicly stated this week that she doesn’t think there is “such a thing as a professional photographer anymore.”  But I don’t believe this is true, at all…

So, I wanted to show you the difference.  While looking through my own photos I took at Disney World and the photos that the PhotoPass “photographers” took I found one instance where we were both photographing almost the exact same moment in time.  The exact same subject.  The exact same lighting conditions.  We both shot with very similar “fancy” cameras.  And here is the difference…


IMG_3769 copy

Sure there are technical differences, but do you know what I think the biggest difference is?  The Disney photographer documented that my daughter had her hair and makeup done at the Bippity Boppity Boutique.  Whereas I captured the essence of the moment.  In my image you can not only see what was happening but feel it.  Do you feel the difference??




Good News

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I like sharing good news :)

Good News #1:
Brea and Casey’s Wedding was featured on Borrowed and Blue, an inspiration site for one-of-a-kind weddings.

baton rouge wedding photography (1) baton rouge wedding photography (2) baton rouge wedding photography (3)

Click over to Borrowed and Blue and check it out!


Good News #2:
So, I was behind on Mother’s day this year. We went on vacation the week before. And things just got too hectic and I found myself writing my mom’s mothers day card TODAY… a full 9 days late. So I’m also late on announcing the winner of the Mother’s day giveaway. Please forgive me!

The winner of the PhotoBella Mother’s Day Giveaway is…

Brittany C., Mom to Owen

Congrats! And a belated thank you to all the Moms out there!

{ life is not a paragraph }

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photograph of couple in love


“the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids’ flutter which says
we are for eachother”

~ e. e. cummings

{ no place like home }

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I’ve never shot a wedding before.  And to be honest I didn’t think weddings were my thing…I love shooting babies and children SO much!  Grown-ups are a scary bunch of people.  But then came Brea and Casey.  They were close friends and asked me to be their wedding photographer.  And they are so nice… and there wedding was going to be so special… so I decided I had to try a wedding at least once before I wrote it off completely.

It was magical to experience such a special day and document all the beautiful details, the love, the fun.  There is definitely something special about wedding photography.  In an unexpected way, I felt like I was putting my whole heart into this wedding just as Brea and Casey gave their hearts to each other.   Here is my first batch of images, more to come…

photograph of wedding shoes and dress detail photograph of wedding invitation and wedding rings photograph of bride getting ready

photograph of wedding dress



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