What to wear?

General Tips:

✿ Flattery.  Everyone wants to be flattered.  Pick out clothes that flatter you/your child.  With adults flattering can mean, “does this make my butt look big”… but with children I think the color choice is very important.  Think about your child’s skin tone and what looks best on him/her.

✿ Options.  You are free to change clothes as many times as you like.  Sometimes bringing multiple options really helps.  It will give you more variety in your photos.  Let kids pick out one of their outfits, this will help them feel important and empowered!  Sure it might not match, but it could make for an unexpected and fun portrait.

✿ Mood.  Think about the mood/feeling you would like to achieve in your portraits.  Do you want to show off how fun-loving your family is?  Let’s opt for some fun, bright, bold colors!

✿ Personality.   Any outfits that particularly show off your child’s personality?  Do they like to play pirates or have a special red shirt they love to wear?  Bring it!  It might not fit your definition of “style,” but in the years to come, these will be the things you remember most about your child.


For Children/Babies:

✿  It is very important that the clothing fit your child.  If it is too large then the child will look awkward swimming in their clothes.  Too small and your child will feel uncomfortable and restricted in movement.  Clothing should fit just right :)


For Family Sessions:

✿   I would suggest that families coordinate their clothes, but avoid matching. We want everyone’s personality to shine. By selected 2 colors that coordinate with each other and picking outfits from this color palette, your photos will have a cohesive look while still preserving each individual’s style.


What NOT to wear?

✿  Clothing with patterns or large logos usually do not look as good photographed.  Plus remember logos can date your photo.

✿  Anything uncomfortable.  We want to have fun and be relaxed.


Please feel free to contact me for additional help with choosing outfits.

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