Momtography 101 Class Coming Soon…

Before my daughter was born, I had never studied photography and never held a DSLR camera.  But soon after she was born, I was compeled (and obsessed) with getting beautiful photos of her.  I didn’t understand why my point and shoot digital camera wasn’t taking the kind of photos that were in my head.  The kind of photos that showed just how beautiful and amazing my daughter really was.  So, when my daughter was about 3 months old I decided to buy a DSLR camera (a.k.a. Fancy Camera).

As soon as I hit the “buy” button on that baby I was scouring the internet for user manuals and tutorials and any camera/photography related information I could get my hands on.  I checked out every book in the EBR parish library systems on photography.  seriously.

Slowly, I began to learn the techniques, the science behind photography, and I my photos began to align with what was in my head.  But it didn’t happen over night, and it surely didn’t happen just because I had a fancy camera!

Now that I am a professional, I think back to those early days of learning and I can’t help but think that it didn’t need to be so difficult.  Why do the books have to use photography jargon like f-stops and ISO?  Why can’t the user manuals be written in a down-to-earth tone?  Why is there no “start here if you know nothing” page?

So, I decided I could do something about that.  Learning to use your camera doesn’t have to be hard and grueling.  Taking better photos doesn’t have to be a mystery or a secret that only a select few know.  Instead, learning photography can be fun and easy…and I will teach you in a language you understand, with real-world examples, and with guided practice.

I promise, YOU can learn to use your camera to it’s full potential, and you can take better photos of your child.

Here is one of my first images using my fancy camera years ago:

before photo of bella

And here is a recent image of my daughter:

photograph of bella at 2 years

Ready to take control of your fancy camera and get some great photos?

Learn more about my Momtography 101 Class this coming August.

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