Preston at 9 months

Recently I got to see Mr. Preston again for his 9 month photo shoot.  We had to reschedule his original session because poor Preston had the croup :(  And then wouldn’t you know I wake up the morning of Preston’s session and it’s raining…but Preston was a trouper and we actually took this shot on his front porch :)  As much as I try to plan and get things perfect, I have to love when the universe throws me a curve ball… it always turns out for the best!  And I think this shot is a testament to that.  You see, it was BECAUSE it had just rained that we got some yummy overcast lighting that proved to be marvelous. So, thank you rain :)

photograph of baby at 9 months old

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…
It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”


I also wanted to mention here that I am happy to reschedule sessions if baby gets sick. Trust me, I am all too familiar with the fact that you just can’t predict nor prevent illness.  And I know that having your baby sick is already hard enough on a mom.  I do not have a fee to reschedule, nor do I even have a limit.  So please never hesitate to call me if your baby is coming down with anything… I understand!

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