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More of Claire at 6 months

Posted in Baton Rouge Baby Photography on July 31st, 2012 by kelli – Be the first to comment

I have had some of my most favorite sessions lately.  I feel like I am reminded daily how much I love this job!  This is one of the sessions that reminds me of this, and makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful for the inspiring little wonders that I photograph!  One of those little wonders is named Claire, and she is adorable …I think you’ll agree :)

photo of six month old baby smiling


Claie at six months…

Posted in Baton Rouge Baby Photography on July 14th, 2012 by kelli – Be the first to comment

This is Claire, and she has a smile that can light up a website :)  I first met Claire when she was a newborn for her newborn photo shoot.  I cannot believe how much she has grown since then!  I had so much fun with her during this session.  Claire has such a happy disposition and cute personality, I can’t wait to see how her personality blossoms at her 1 year photo session :)

photo of six month old baby smiling

I am lucky enough to follow Claire’s growth from newborn, six months, and one year because she is a member of the Baby’s First Year plan.  See more images from Baby’s First Year plan members.

isabell at 5 months…

Posted in Baton Rouge Baby Photography on April 8th, 2012 by kelli – 7 Comments

I am constantly amazed by how fast babies grow.  This week I got to see miss Isabell again for her 5 month session and wow.  She still has those ah-maz-ing eye-lashes, but now she is almost sitting up by herself,  she’s babbling, and she’s growing!  Look at how the beautiful Isabell has grown over the months…

photograph of 5 month old baby

Would you like to document your baby’s first year?  Sign up for the baby’s first year plan today.

meet claire…

Posted in Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer on January 22nd, 2012 by kelli – 2 Comments

newborn photograph of claire Meet Claire…  She is pure perfection :)  She has the most beautiful head of hair, and do you see those lashes?  Such a little girl :)

Something about Claire struck me, her perfect little face reminded me of my bella.  I am a firm believer that EVERY baby is unique, and they are all different from birth.  There is some sort of “you”ness that starts out right from the beginning.  So while it’s true that in a sense every baby reminds me of when bella was this age, Claire tugged at my heart even more :)

and that makes me extra happy that I get to see Claire grow.  I have the honor of documenting Claire’s little personality blossom in the Baby’s First Year Plan.  I can’t wait to share more, I’m sure she’s going to be a sweetie!

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