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Brag Books

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What are Brag Books?  They are 3×3 inch mini books that are perfect for carrying around in your purse and showing off that cute baby!  They open up in an accordion fold and hold about 9 total images, plenty of room for your favorites.  They are UV coated so they will not get damaged in your purse, nor will they fade as the years go by.  Brag books come in a set of 3 identical books.  This usually works out perfect for most families: one for mom to carry, and one for each of the grandmothers.

Hint: Grandmothers LOVE brag books.  Seriously, I have not found a grandmother so far that didn’t desperately want a brag book of her grand-baby!  I think it’s sweet, grandmothers are so proud of their babies :)

Digital Negatives

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digital negatives

A digital negative is a product I am often asked about.  So, what is a digital negative? It is the high-resolution JPEG file of your selected image(s) that is put on a DVD.  I also upload your image(s) to my recommended consumer lab and give you the username and password so that you can quickly and easily order professional quality photo prints from your home.

It comes with a print release that allows you to print your image(s) as many times as you like up to 11×14 in size.   Why up to 11×14?  Because larger prints and products require special resizing and editing to make them look their best.  An image straight out of a professional camera comes at about 11×14 size.  To get it larger, there is a bit of magic required ;)

All of your digital negatives also come as web-friendly digital images.  These are files sized specifically for the web (think:facebook) and will upload zippity quick :)

photograph of my digital negatives

The Great Flood

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Last week we had a torrential down pour.  Our entire neighborhood was flooded and we couldn’t even get home after picking Bella up from daycare.  After the initial down pour, the rain slacked off and we were able to get home unharmed.  But when I got home I found that the garage flooded.  Normally this might not be a big thing since it’s just the garage…but I had my bag of samples in the garage :(

thankfully not my car :)

So my albums, keepsake box, canvas, collage, and more all got soaked!  but…every story has a silver lining, right?  Well, my sample canvas still looks absolutely pristine even after sitting in water for hours :)  I always knew one of the many features of this canvas was “water-resistant” but I didn’t know JUST how waterproof it truly was!

Some of the other lovely things about these canvases:

  • Your canvas will look just as beautiful, bright, and colorful as the day you bought it, 120 years from now.
  • You canvas will last through anything you throw at it: waterproof and wipes clean with a damp cloth.  (verified and tested!)
  • Even if your toddler decides to color on your masterpiece…you guessed it…wipes clean with a damp cloth.  (verified and bella-tested!)
  • They instantly make your home look modern and artistic with a museum-quality, luxurious look.
  • Your canvases will remind you how much you love your baby…even when they are grown and heading off to college.  (or when they are yelling “no mommy!”, kicking you, and screaming to avoid putting their diaper on…yep, bella-tested)

Grandparent’s Album

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I am happy to share another favorite product today!  Today’s product is the Grandparent’s album.  These albums are similar to the 1 year album but are smaller in size and just perfect for the bragging Grandmother.  These albums are 5×5 in size, so can be easily carried with you.  They also have a custom cover and spine so that your album is as unique as your baby :)

My daughter particularly loves this little book.  She calls it the “baby book” and anytime I am not looking she is trying to steal it and look at the “pretty baby.”  The best part is that the material it is made of is quite resilient and has withstood her constant page turning and sticky fingers.  Thank goodness!

grandparent's album image of coffee table book image of coffee table book layflat coffee table book

Interested in a grandparent album?  Contact me now to book your session.

1 year albums

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One of my favorite things to sum up the Baby’s First Year Plan perfectly is a 1 year album.  These albums showcase your favorite images from all of the sessions throughout the first year into a custom designed album made just for your baby :)

1 year baby photo album

I love the way these albums feel.  They are substantial and luxurious feeling.  With thick, gutterless pages that lay-flat…your babies images can span across 2 pages of the album to create a larger image.  I also love the quality of these albums.  They will withstand sticky toddler hands and all the mess growing children throw at them.

photograph of fine art album After selecting your favorite images from the year, we will select and customize an art design that fits your little one’s personality.  Bella is my little artist.  Always curious. Always painting.  and of course always having fun.  So this artistic design fit her perfectly :)

photobella one year album

Another thing I love about albums is that we get to include more images than a typical wall gallery.  And it really tells a story.  We don’t just see the smiley photos, but also the curious ones, the thoughtful ones, and…the super silly ones!

another image of one year fine art photo album

My baby Bella is already (gasp) 2 years old!  But I will always have her one year album to remind of those sweet first months that were sooo magical :)

Would you like to remember your baby’s first year with a 1 year album?  Book a Baby’s First Year Plan now to get started.

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